Protect the Dolphins


lumba lumba

Upon our arrival we booked a dolphin tour in Lovina bay, the only bay of whole Bali where dolphins appear. It sounded very appealing to us watching the dolphins at sunrise and we thought not any further. At 6 am we arrived at the lonely beach, meeting our boatman with his outrigger boat, called Lumba-Lumba, the traditional wooden Balinese fishing boat, a narrow hull with two riggers. Nobody around us, the day just awaking, a promising start. It was so beautiful chugging away from the beach with the sunrise. The light was fantastic, the sea quiet and the engine noise bearable. Shortly after we noticed that from all over the coastline other boats were heading towards the sea. It looked like many huge crawling spiders want to meet all at a certain point at the horizon. And they did. Suddenly we’ve been surrounded by at least 50 other Lumba-Lumba, with people wearing orange swim wests and cameras. All intensively watching the sea, hoping the dolphins will appear  – best in big pods. When somewhere a fin showed up, all the boats were speeding up towards the “hot spot” (as Dieter said: “Like flies on an Indien toilet”) and from everywhere you heard the “Aaahs” and Ooohs” of excited tourists. It was an absurd situation and dolphin watching turned into a kind of dolphin hunting.

dolphin hunting

We felt very uncomfortable with it. I liked to watch the dolphins moving majestically and silently through the sea – but I felt so sorry when we did spot them. How much disturbed and irritated these beautiful mammals must have been with all the boat noise around them. Its proven that dolphins can hear frequencies ten times or more above the upper limit of adult human hearing and that specific noises can irritate their capabilities for echolocation.

dolphin hunting 2

I am aware that these kind of tourist attractions ensure a certain income to the local people. I will however chose my future morning activities more mindful (like cuddling with my Dearest…..)


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