Serenity – Far Off


From Labuan Bajo we took a boat for one hour to reach Seraya Island. A little juwel with white natural beach surrounded by crystal clear, light blue sea and corals. Few wooden hats and a restaurant has been constructed for few tourists searching the isolation.

We went snorkeling and it was overwhelming. The world below my mask unfolded as a wonderfully designed garden, all the corals in different forms, hights and colors, some in blue, others in yellow or purple, and most of them in natural tones – all harmoniously mingled together. And inbetween lots of various fishes peacefully floating around. Big and small ones, some round and oval shaped and some others long and narrow. From transparent to blue, yellow and rainbow colors – every color was present. It was like swimming in a huge aquarium. I have never seen such a beautiful underwater world and I loved it.

On the island itself was nothing to do than overlooking the sea and to watch the near surroundings. Either the chicken picking around, the cat caressing her baby or just observing the color change of the sea with the clouds coming and going. Within this beauty of silence and non-entertainment our mind became still, too. It was a very peaceful and magic moment –  just being in the present.

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