Working with Petra has been a real pleasure, she is able to immediately target a person’s needs and objectives and creates a program which will enable you to reach your goals. She is a deeply caring person, committed to a healthy living. Petra will provide you with many useful tips, and new ways to change your relationship towards health and food. During my 3 month plan with Petra, nothing felt imposed upon me, the solutions she creates for you are simple to implement yet one by one they change the bigger picture. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Petra, she is deeply client orientated and provides many helpful solutions and suggestions. 

Thibault, Geneva


I think Petra is a wonderful nutritionist, who clearly knows the science of food very well and has a true passion for the work she does. Her yoga background infuse her practice with a holistic angle that is miles away from the ‘All American’ style of weight loss and success, focused on a rather shallow and dangerous approach to life and weight loss. She clearly enjoys working with people and you can tell that she genuinely cares about your progress and wellbeing. A very positive person, she is strict but always comes up with solutions to the challenges you propose her, giving you various options to overcome what in your mind might feel like an insurmountable obstacle.

She is quite a motivator and never short of positive affirmation materials to help you not only change your body but your mind. So all in all, I would warmly recommend Petra if you are looking for a serious, competent and passionate nutritionist who is going to help you some vital building blocks into the way you approach food, nourishment and lifestyle. I lost 10 KG despite a heavy work schedule and long business trips and I can safely say that I have changed the way I think about food and really value the results! Thank you Petra! 
Marta, Geneva
This time last year I was, depressed, overweight and unsure of myself and my life choices.  Today, thanks to Petra, my outlook is positive, my food intake is rebalanced.  I am revitalized and ready to take on the world!  Petra’s program is very personalized and helps you to analyze the reasons why as well as find the solutions.  I have learnt so much with regard to nutrition and have stopped being a ‘comfort eater’ I have replaced unnecessary food in my diet with a healthy scheme that has changed me both physically and mentally.  I also have the mental means to help myself on the bad days and fully appreciate the good days. Changing my diet and learning more about the connection between food and health has been a life changing experience for me.  But this change has been fun as well – with Petra it doesn’t seem like hard work with her support behind you all the way – I had failed so many times before with diets and self-help books …..  But not any more as she has given me the tools I need to continue in the right way ….Thank you Petra ….,
Jane, Vevey


Bea – before 3-month nutrition & lifestyle program

Bea – AFTER 3-month program

What I liked about Petra’s program and coaching is that apart from losing weight (10 kg) – which of course was the key trigger – I gained tons of energy and good moods, my skin looks younger and I never received so many compliments in my life……….(having past the 40’s some time ago ;-) ). Moreover, the program is not a diet where you count calories or you need to discipline yourself to a boring or one-sided nutrition – instead you start exploring and experimenting with fresh & healthy food and sooner or later you are hooked on to it. Remarkably, I started cooking – Petra gave me lot of quick and easy to prepare but delicious recipes – and I love it. I am sure I can finally keep my weight. Petra convinced me with her know-how, she is a great motivator and coach, since she walks the talk and that shows. She is the best “weight and health watcher” I have met so far. Thank you Petra and keep on going.

Bea, Lausanne

Quel plaisir d’être guidée et aidée par une personnalité telle que Petra ! Son rayonnement, son ouverture d’esprit et son professionnalisme font de ces rencontres de « travail » un vrai moment de détente et d’échange.

Détente, échange oui mais sans oublier le résultat !

5 kg de perdus en 2 mois – 2 ½ mois, une foule d’informations en matière de nutrition, le plein d’idées pour apprêter de délicieuse manière des produits connus ou un peu moins et une conscience nouvelle sur le bénéfice que peuvent apporter des changements nutritionnels parfois mineurs.

J’ajouterais que parvenir à garder le cap sur l’objectif initial en cette période de fêtes propice aux « abus » relève presque de l’exploit, mais… le faire avec plaisir et sans sentiment de contrainte me permet de conclure ce bref témoignage par un grand MERCI

Marianne, Lausanne


Prendre du poids avec les années n’est pas une fatalité !

Après avoir accumulé une dizaine de kilos pendant environ une année et vainement tenté de les perdre, j’ai décidé de m’offrir un programme individualisé avec Petra et j’ai bien fait !

Alors que j’étais très fatiguée et que la nourriture était devenue un problème, Petra m’a aidé à redécouvrir que manger est un don non seulement pour le corps, mais aussi pour le mental. Et une alimentation de qualité qui réponde à tous vos besoins peut être très goûteuse et plaisante !

En trois mois, j’ai appliqué au mieux toutes les propositions et conseils de Petra – qui vont bien au-delà du traditionnel « régime miracle » – et j’ai perdu 9 kilos, tout en regagnant beaucoup d’énergie, de confiance et de réussite dans d’autres domaines !

Les résultats se sont rapidement montrés positifs, ce qui est très gratifiant… ! Au plaisir de tester les recettes proposées – toutes simples et aisément adaptables en fonction de sa propre créativité -, j’ai sans peine intégré de nouvelles habitudes qu’il me sera facile de conserver. La fierté d’avoir atteint mon but est complétée par la documentation très détaillée que Petra m’a remise et qui témoigne de la qualité de sa formation.

Il faut dire aussi que son empathie et son soutien tout en douceur ont eu une part importante dans mon succès !

Génial ! Merci !

Florence, Lausanne


Petra has a great passion in health and nutrition, which she shared with me and I am converted forever! After several sessions improving my food intake and adding few supplements to my diet, I feel energized and got a better sleep as well as solved some long standing annoying issues such as iron deficiency, back pain and brittle nails…  Thank you Petra for sharing with me the wealth of you knowledge and wisdom!

Zhanar, Lausanne


I know Petra since former times and I contacted her, because her own history and experience makes her so credible and trustworthy for me. My topic was stress, stress and stress – sleepless nights, unbalanced days and endless chocolate cravings. Since I worked with Petra, I got a different awareness for my needs and my body, I feel confident, positive, empowered, and healthy and I am full of energy! I lost some weight on the way and have integrated a totally healthy lifestyle that I love! I have no more sweet cravings and am just very happy about myself. As a side effect my skin is radiant, my hair got fuller and my nails are long and stable. Petra’s coaching style is encouraging and supporting, without ever judging. Because of this and as she tailors the program to the individual, you can only succeed in reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

Britta, Hamburg


Several doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists helped me get over a burn-out and depression last year, but not one of them questioned what I was eating. In search of a holistic healthy way of living, I became more and more convinced that there was space for improvement with my eating habits. That’s when I met Petra, who helped me get the balance between the carbohydrates, proteins and fats right. Today I suffer less from cramps and cravings, my hair and fingernails have never looked and felt so good! I feel healthy and full of energy again!

Dear Petra, you are a wonderful and deeply caring person. Thank you for the delicious recipes and all the good advice!

Chantal, Lausanne